Dating, Couples and Corporate Profile Photographer
Nottingham and Derby

First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Gemma, and I’m a Dating and Corporate Profile Photographer, based in West Bridgford. I’m the No.1 choice for dating photography in Nottingham and Derby.

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My mission is to help more people find love online. It’s a fact – better photos will generate more interest. Not only on the dating scene, but in your professional life too.

Why dating photography?

After spending two years of my life on various dating sites I found the majority of photos I saw were dull and boring. Very few photos enticed me to want to discover more about potential partners.

It’s time to abolish bathroom selfies people!

My photography packages are great value, and start at just £65.

Fun and relaxed photo shoots

I find that outdoor photo shoots work best. Feedback suggests that wandering around a beautiful park helps clients relax and they also find it a lot of fun. Locations might include Wollaton Park, Nottingham and Elvaston Castle, Derby – if you have a location in mind – let me know!

The process

  1. Get in touch
  2. Agree a date and location
  3. Photo shoot takes place
  4. Photos are processed
  5. You’ll receive your photos in digital format

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