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Couples Photos

Couples, Friends and Family Photo Shoots

Fun and relaxed photos that you’ll cherish forever

There’s nothing lovelier than looking back at a moment you’ve shared with the people you’re close to. 

Everyone has a camera on their phone, but despite the ease of snapping pics whenever you want, when was the last time you appeared in a really special photo? When did you last get one of your photos printed or framed to hang in your home?

Photo of couple with red heart balloon - winners of my Valentine's Couples Photo Shoot competition 2019
Couple laughing with each other in front of bright yellow door
Couples photos shoot at the Robin Hood statue, Nottingham
Newly engaged couple (2018) stood against brick wall in Nottingham - one of many couples photos taken on the day

Capture a moment in time

Your friends and family are the most important people in the world to you. You share your life and you’ve had so many experiences together, both good, and bad. While couples often ask me for engagement photos, there are many reasons why you might want to capture a moment in time with your loved ones. This might include:

  • Family get-together or fun day!
  • Graduation day
  • Results day!
  • Birthdays and other special occasions
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Wedding proposals
  • Engagement photo shoot
  • Special anniversary
  • Photos for the home
  • Shots for social media
  • Just for fun
Great photo shoot at Wollaton Hall with my fiancee - some lovely photos!
Photo of couple with red heart balloon - winners of my Valentine's Couples Photo Shoot competition 2019

Choose a special location

There’s no doubt somewhere that’s special for you as a couple, family or group of friends; the place you shared your first kiss, where your partner proposed, or simply a place you enjoy hanging out together.

All of my photo shoots take place outdoors to make the most of natural light and amazing backdrops. I also think they offer a relaxing atmosphere that keeps my clients at ease.

I’m happy to travel, so get in touch to discuss your location.

The process

Complete the form below and I’ll get back to you.

We’ll arrange a mutually convenient time, date and location for your couples, friends or family photo shoot. I’ll spend a bit of time getting to know you and gather your requirements. This will help to determine the location and style of photo shoot.

Once logistics are agreed, I’ll send a confirmation email detailing everything you need to know.

There’s a small deposit of £20 to secure your booking.

It’s time to raid your wardrobes and find the outfit(s) you’d like to wear for your photo shoot.

Be sure to select clothes that you feel great in, and encourage each other to wear what you look best in. If your photo shoot includes outfit changes, you may need to carry your clothes around, so make sure you bring a bag.

Don’t forget to iron your clothes!

Pack any accessories or props that you’d like to involve in your shoot, such as hats, glasses or jewellery. If you have a pet you’d like to bring a long, please do!

If you’re planning a haircut, leave a few days for it to settle so it doesn’t look too freshly cut for the shoot.

It’s time to get super excited!

Simply turn up on the day at the agreed time and location and I’ll be the one with the camera! I always send a pinned Google Map in your confirmation so you’ll know exactly where to go.

It’s completely natural to feel a little nervous about your photo shoot, but you’ll relax into the session in a heartbeat. You’ve got each other for emotional support, and we’ll most likely be somewhere important to you that will make you feel comfortable.

We’ll spend up to the allowed time for your chosen session walking, chatting, and having a great time. I’ll be capturing beautiful and engaging moments between you with a mix of posed and candid shots.

You have the option to pay your balance in cash at the end of the session or send a bank transfer before the end of the day.

This is the bit where I pour myself a large Malbec and relax into my studio chair. I’ll hand-pick the very best shots and do a spot of post-processing. You’ll be able to download your photos from your own personal gallery within five working days, and I’ll send you an email to let you know when they’re ready.

You’ll spend a few days cooing over your lovely new photos and deciding which ones you love the most. If you’d like more than your photo package’s allocation, you can purchase additional images online.

Booking enquiry - couples, friends and family photos

Submit your photo shoot enquiry and I’ll get back to you.

Rather speak to a human?

Call or text me to discuss your photo shoot.

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