Gemma Wilks, Brand Photographer

Let's inject your personality into your business

Hi everyone, I’m Gemma, your local Personal Branding Photography expert.

I help individuals and small businesses, just like you, stand out, get noticed and create a great impression by capturing a bank of 50-100 unique and eye-catching visuals that inject personality, brand and trust into your business.

Brand photography starts at £375


How Personal Branding Photography will help your business

The results of a bespoke Personal Branding Photography session with me will:

  • attract more clients to your business
  • give your business the edge
  • help you stand out
  • make your business look super professional
  • increase engagement with your ideal clients
  • provide you with loads of on-brand images
  • remove the need to scramble around for loosely relevant stock images
  • save you time, energy and money
  • make you money

Stand out from your competitors

I’m giving you the opportunity to stand out in a competitive marketplace by working closely with you to shoot a huge range of personalised images tailored to your business. No one else will have these images –  just you – making you and your business unique and one step ahead of everyone else.

I bet if you look at businesses similar to yours, they look a little samey, right? The same boring images downloaded from a free stock image site, trying really hard to sell you a product or service. The same predictable visuals that you’ve seen on a bunch of other websites?

How amazing would it be if your business were different?

I ended up with some great photos for use on my website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
I recommend Gem for her easy approach and her great eye.

What's involved in Personal Branding Photography?

1. Free consultation

We’ll start off with a free consultation so I can learn a little about you and your business. It’s during your initial consultation that we’ll decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

2. Design your bespoke personal branding photography session

I’ll find out what makes you tick, who your ideal client is and delve deep into your business, allowing me to get a feel for your brand and the amazing products or services you offer.

Designing your shoot is going to be so exciting! 

We’ll work closely with each other and discuss:

  • brand
  • colours
  • outfits
  • accessories
  • props and kit
  • locations
  • timings
  • where you’ll be using your images
No stone will be left un-turned!

3. Your Personal Branding Photography session takes place

The day has arrived! How exciting!

Firstly, I let’s get nerves out of the way – 100% of my clients say they feel relaxed in my company and in front of the camera – you will too. I’m good at this, which is why my clients get amazing results! 

We’ll follow a schedule so we know what we’re shooting, where and when.

And we’ll have loads of fun in the process.

4. Receive your beautiful on-brand images

After a bit of studio time, perfecting your enviable, bespoke and on-brand images, they’ll be waiting for you to download from your personal online gallery.

And away you go! 

Start using your shiny new visuals and attracting more of your ideal client.

Meet Gemma, your Nottingham-based Personal Branding Photographer

Thanks for scrolling down to find out a bit about me.

I’ve always loved working with people on an individual basis to help them feel more confident, stand out and get noticed, which is where Personal Branding Photography comes in.

You’re unique, and this should be reflected in how you present yourself.

Get in touch for your free no-obligation consultation and we’ll discuss how I can help you and your business get noticed.


Gemma Wilks - your local Personal Branding Photography expert