Before and after dating photos of Colin

Dating photos – before and after: Colin

Following my interview with Nottingham Post in September a lovey guy called Colin got in touch to speak to me about a dating photo shoot.

He only needed a few photos to get him started so he opted for my small photo shoot package which lasted around 30 minutes. We met at Wollaton Park and had a lovely time wandering around and exchanging dating stories while I captured some natural shots.


Wollaton Park is one of my favourite dating photo shoot locations as it’s so relaxing and ridiculously picturesque. At the time we were there (around 4pm) there was hardly anyone about – in fact it was deserted. A lot of my clients are relieved when there are fewer onlookers but in all honesty, I prefer it busier as having more people to have a nosy at distracts people from the camera and gets them looking around all over the place – resulting in some really cool shots.

Selecting Colin's photos

Colin’s chosen photography package included three high resolution digital photos. Many of my clients want me to choose their photos for them and this was the case with Colin. When choosing on my client’s behalf, I always go for my personal favourites based on which would grab my attention and encourage me to want to tap through to learn more about someone.

Before the photo shoot

At the time of booking his photo shoot, Colin had been dating for around one month. He chose to give Plenty of Fish a try and uploaded some of his own photos to begin with. He was kind enough to share a couple of them with me.

Your main profile photo should always be of you and you only. By all means, use photos of you with other people within your profile – you should have a balance. But the reason to invest in eye-catching dating photos in the first place is to get people’s attention to view your profile. If your main image doesn’t stand out, potential partners may not go any further – missing many opportunities for chats and dates!

In summary, the first photo is a little cluttered, has too many people (and a baby) in it and the photo is generally quite flat in terms of colour and contrast.

His second photo, again, is very cluttered and has a lot of people in it – I love Colin’s shirt in this one though! Just with a few minor tweaks (not filters) this photo could be so much brighter and clearer.

After the photo shoot

As mentioned, I shot and selected three photos for Colin. And I genuinely struggled to choose just three. He uploaded his new photos over the past few days and has already seen an increase in attention.

Additional shots

Colin really liked my selection but also chose to purchase a few additional photos from his dating photo shoot gallery. There are always additional shots to purchase should clients wish to.

A huge thank you to Colin for sharing his pre-photo-shoot dating photos. The difference is just incredible! 

I had a really great shoot with him and I think he’s going to knock ’em dead – watch out ladies!

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