Teen Photos - Teenage Confidence Photo Shoots

Teen Photos - Confidence-Building Photo Shoots for Teenagers in Nottingham

Could your teenage son or daughter feel more confident? Do they struggle with the changes going on in their body and life? Would you love to see them smile when looking at photos of themselves?

Celebrate your teen for the amazing human being they are by treating them to a collection of fun teen photos. 

Teen Photos - Teenage boy holding football and leaning against football goal
Teen Photos - Teenage boy holding purple karate belt in front of the camera
Teen Photos - Teenage boy kneeling in front of a red and white wall
Teen Photos - Teenage boy doing a karate punch towards the camera

What's included with your teen photo shoot?

from £349

The price shown is based on a Nottingham city center photo shoot.

Teen Photos - Teenage girl holding yellow football
Teen Photos - Teenage girl leaning against graffiti wall
Teen Photos - Teenage girl sitting on park bench table holding football
Teen Photos - Teenage girl leaning against post

Teen photos that ooze personality

It’s all about you! Whatever you’re into, however you dress, whoever you are – there’s nothing quite like showing off your personality and feeling proud, inside and out.

With so much pressure to conform to society, or fit in at school or college, there’s no wonder the teenagers in our lives can feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Something as simple as a handful of photos that young people can look through anytime they’re feeling down, or like they’re not enough can do them the world of good and give them that little boost they need.

What to expect from your teen photo shoot

1. Book your teen photos experience

My Teen Confidence Photo Shoots take place outdoors in a place that your teen loves to spend time, or around the vibrant and colourful streets of Hockley in Nottingham.

Nottingham-based teen photos start from £349. For other locations, please get in touch.

2. Get ready

When it comes to outfits, I advise all teens to wear what they look and feel most confident in – whatever it is – after all, these photos are all about expressing your personality, and being unapologetically you.

Pack any accessories or props that your teen would like to involve in their shoot, such as their favourite book, sports equipment, headphones, or even their pet – anything that shows a bit of what they’re in to. 

If you’re planning a haircut, please leave a few days for it to settle so it doesn’t look too freshly cut for the shoot.

3. On the day

It’s time to get super excited!

Simply turn up on the day at the agreed time and location and I’ll be the one with the camera! 

It’s completely natural to feel a little nervous, but your teen will relax into the session in a heartbeat

At least one parent or guardian must attend the photo shoot.

We’ll spend up to the allowed time walking, chatting, and having a great time. I’ll be capturing beautiful moments with a mix of posed and candid shots as we go.

4. After your photo shoot

I’ll hand-pick the very best shots and prepare the images for selection. When you and your teen have chosen your final images, I’ll perfect them and they’ll be available to download from your own personal online gallery.