With photo shoot prices starting at just £85, there's an option to suit all budgets. I'm more than happy to tailor a bespoke package to suit your specific requirements too - just ask the question.

Dating profile prices


Couples photo shoot prices

Terms – a few things to note

  • A £20 deposit is required to secure all bookings.
  • Cancellations and rescheduling:
    • If a booking is cancelled and not rescheduled by the client, any deposit paid will be lost.
    • If a booking is rescheduled by Photography by Gem or the client, the deposit still stands.
    • If a booking is rescheduled by the client within 24 hours of the photo shoot, any deposit paid may be lost.
    • If the weather isn’t suitable on the day of your booking (if an outdoor photo shoot), Photography by Gem reserves the right to reschedule. Any deposit paid will still secure a booking – but the date will change.
  • Photos:
    • Clients can choose which photos they’d like as part of their package, or Photography by Gem can select them on the client’s behalf.
    • Under no circumstances will an entire disk of photos be sent to the client. The very best photos will be selected, processed and available for the client to choose from.
    • Photography by Gem aim to have photos ready for the client to select with five working days of the photo shoot taking place.
    • Photos will be available for the client to select after the full balance has been paid and cleared.
    • Photos captured may be used on the Photography by Gem website, social media or for marketing purposes.
  • Photography session:
    • If all shots are achieved before the maximum time allocated for a photo shoot is reached, the session may finish early – if all parties are in agreement.
    • If a session overruns, Photography by Gem may discuss an additional fee to cover the additional time spent. This will be agreed upon during a session, however, this is rarely the case.
  • Prices:
    • All prices shown are based on shooting, processing, account management and travel (if in Nottingham/Derby) for an individual profile shoot. Additional travel outside this area may be charged for.
    • Prices will vary for sessions that are out of scope of an individual photo shoot.
    • Prices and number of photos to take away will be agreed upon before the shoot takes place.
    • Any balance owed must be paid by the end of the day of the photo shoot. Either cash during the session or a bank transfer after the session.
    • Photos will be available for the client to select after the full balance has been paid and cleared.
  • Data protection:
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