Joanna Naughton - Mindset Coach

LinkedIn Headshots

Stand out and make a great first impression with eye-catching LinkedIn Headshots.

People make up their mind about you in a split second so it’s important you create the right impression.

Joanna Naughton - Mindset Coach
Black and white close-up portrait of an actor
Woman in suit at product launch eventOwners of The Surrey Copper Distillery taking a selfie at their launch event - part of my corporate photography package
An eye-catching Headshot of a Technical Copywriter for his LinkedIn profile

Benefits of LinkedIn Headshots

People within your network (and those you’ haven’t met yet) will perceive you as:

  • approachable
  • friendly
  • professional
  • memorable
  • employable
  • someone they want to do business with
Gemma - thanks so much for your upbeat, fun and quirky approach to each shot. It really helped me to relax so that I could be myself which is the most important thing for me in photos!

Do I need a LinkedIn Headshot?

Simply put, yes. If you’re wanting to get noticed, you need to catch people’s eye. I highly recommend a professionally captured LinkedIn Headshot if you’re:

  • starting up in business
  • on the lookout for a new job
  • open to new opportunities
  • new to LinkedIn
  • wanting to stand out more
  • an influential figure
  • employer
  • employee

Stand out on LinkedIn

So you’re in a job you love or on the lookout for a new challenge? It’s a competitive market out there so it’s essential you stand out to head hunters, employers and people in your professional network and invest in your personal branding.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably on LinkedIn, and if you’re not, you should be. LinkedIn is an invaluable social tool that gives you access to the largest professional network in the world. Your chance to shine!

A professional LinkedIn headshot shows that you take yourself seriously. Never use photos you’ve taken yourself (especially the dreaded selfie) as it just won’t give a professional or memorable impression.

Man in shirt in front of bright blue background
Corporate head shot at University Park, Nottingham
Male in front of multicoloured background on a corporate photo shoot
Woman in white top with grey backgroundOwners of The Surrey Copper Distillery taking a selfie at their launch event - part of my corporate photography package

What to expect from your LinkedIn Headshot photo shoot

1. Arrange shoot

Firstly, submit an online photo shoot enquiry to kick off discussions. We’ll need to agree:

  • date and time
  • location

A deposit is required to secure your booking.

2. Get ready

There’s not a lot you need to do to get ready for your LinkedIn Headshots. Here are a few things to think about:

  • prepare any accessories or props, such as kit that’s essential in your job, glasses or jewellery or even items that show off your company branding
  • choose a few outfits that express who you are
  • don’t forget to iron your clothes!

Please remind your team about the photo shoot a couple of days before.

3. On the day

Simply turn up at the agreed time and place – I’ll be the one waiting with my camera in-hand and a welcoming smile on my face.

We’ll wander around, getting to know each other and I’ll ensure you’re fully relaxed in front of the camera.

I’ll capture a range of shots and we’ll have a laugh in the process.

You have the option to pay your balance in cash at the end of the session or send a bank transfer before the end of the day.

4. After your shoot

The very best shots will be hand-picked and I’ll perfect them with a spot of post-processing so that your new, eye-catching LinkedIn Headshots look their very best.

You’ll be able to download your photos from your own personalised gallery and I’ll email you when they’re ready.

Should you want more shots than your chosen package allows, you can purchase additional images online.

Ready to make a great impression?

It’s time to stand out and get noticed within your professional networks.