Pile of ironed clothing

Outfit dos and don'ts

A few months ago, a client rocked up to their photo shoot in creased clothes.

It looked like they’d pulled their outfit directly from the tumble dryer and not given their iron a single thought.

Prepare your outfits

It might sound simple and obvious to most, but I think some people genuinely don’t think to iron their clothes – I know I avoid it as much as possible.<

Most of my photo shoots include an outfit change which requires clients to select and bring along a few choices. This requires a spot of planning.

Here’s my outfit preparation dos and don’ts:

Outfit do's:

  • dress for the weather
  • bring props and accessories
  • wash your clothes in advance
  • iron your clothes!
  • pack clothes carefully
  • consider transporting your clothes in a suit bag

Outfit don'ts:

  • turn up in dirty or creased clothing
  • wear too-heavily patterned garments
  • experiment with new clothing on the day
  • leave your outfit choices to the last minute
  • screw your clothes up in a Tesco bag

Stick to these rules and you’ll look super smart!

Give me a shout if you’d like more advice on what to wear or things to bring on the day of your photo shoot.